Month: October 2020

October 1, 2020

Code Story Review – September 2020

It was another great month, full of amazing conversations with tech leaders, and working with great people. Want to help the show a ton? Leave us a rating/review on your favorite podcast platform, or support us financially over at Patreon.

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Code Story – E11: Mike Kadin, RedCircle
Code Story – E11: Mike Kadin,
Mike Kadin started hacking on a side project on nights and weekends, learning the Go programming language, and creating a unique way to stitch together podcast episodes.

S3 E10: Nick Patrick, Radar
S3 E10: Nick Patrick,

Nick Patrick has had his hands in tech for most of his life. He’s been dabbling in computer programming and hardware from an early age. During college, he veered away from a focus in Biology toward computer science and his love for building things.

S3 Bonus: Interview on The Ops Show
S3 Bonus: Interview on The Ops

In their best episode yet, Noah Labhart, our host and the CTO and Co-Founder of Veryable Ops, shared his CTO journey, his 5-year stack evolution, and the trends behind the countless code stories he’s heard.

S3 E9: Adam Wathan, Tailwind CSS
S3 E9: Adam Wathan, Tailwind

Adam Wathan has been obsessed with computers since he was a kid. In fact, he was introduced to computers by his 1st grade librarian.. and his first programming project was using Q-Basic, following a tutorial on how to make a pro wrestling simulator.

S3 Bonus: Interview on WPRRR
S3 Bonus: Interview on

Super fun chat with a very cool dude, Joe Howard – Host of WPMRR and Founder & CEO of WP Buffs.

S3 E8: Jane Portman, Userlist
S3 E8: Jane Portman,

Originally from Russia, Jane Portman gained experience as a creative director for an agency. She has been involved in tech as a designer for 16 years, occupying different design jobs. In fact, product work and design is her hobby!

S3 Bonus: Tony Chan, Cloudforecast
S3 Bonus: Tony Chan,

Born and raised in Chicago, Tony Chan grew up in the Southside, a blue collar neighborhood. He was heavily influenced by hid Dad, who was a first generation immigrant, barely knew English, but started a restaurant. Tony took orders and took orders as a kid, sitting on a milk crate.

S3 E7: Kimeshan Naidoo, Unibuddy
S3 E7: Kimeshan Naidoo,

Kimeshan Naidoo grew up in a small sugar can farming town, on the east coast of South Africa. At 12 years old, he found an old python book, installed Python… and started to teach himself how to code. Five years ago, he moved to London to study for his masters in Computer Science at UCL.

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The Ops
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